Roger Galatas Interests


Roger Galatas Interests offers a range of advisory and development services generally divided into five distinct, but related activities. Any or all of the services may be specifically tailored depending on the engagement and needs of the client.

Following is a summary of the five typical services:

Land Use Strategy - Generally includes the coordination of client resources and a selected team of professionals to create a project vision statement, market definition, land plan, business plan, goals and objectives and an implementation strategy. Working closely with and subject to approval by client, Advisor identifies, recommends and coordinates qualified professionals as may be required in the performance of specific program tasks. Following program development, Advisor may pursue specific client-approved objectives.

A particular niche that has proved productive is working with owners of large landholdings that are in transition from farming, ranching, timber operations or other uses to a more active development stage. The ultimate objective is to position the landowner for market opportunities while accommodating its environmental goals.

Value Creation - Is accomplished by Advisor in concert with Client to gain entitlements through the pursuit of strategic project objectives, environmental or regulatory approvals, or legislative actions to position the project to take advantage of public or institutional improvements (ex: schools, roadways, etc.) funded in part or in whole by public sources. Value Creation activities may require selected professional consultants to assist Client and Advisor.

Revenue Generation - Covers marketing, sale, purchase, joint venture development, revenue sharing ventures or other property disposition or acquisition methods. Advisor provides assistance to Client in all or a portion of the following: (1) identification and negotiation with qualified buyers (or sellers); (2) preparation of requests for proposal ("RFP"); (3) structuring deals; (4) preparation of marketing materials; (5) presentations to qualified buyers and selected realtors; (6) preparation of due diligence information; (7) assistance to Client's attorney(s) in closing the sale, joint venture or purchase. As with other activities, professional consultants may be required for specific tasks.

Management Services - Upon completion of a sale or joint venture resulting in a development program where client has a continuing or vested interest, Advisor can establish and manage a program to monitor development activity to assure compliance with venture agreement, development standards and covenants. Range of management services and professional resources required will depend on complexity of the venture.

Executive Advisor - This is a role where Advisor works closely with executive management to review, discuss and critique ongoing plans, programs and strategies prepared by others that could have significant impact on project or company performance. These may include business plans, development plans, organization staffing and structure, marketing and public relations programs, government relations or regulatory issues and other matters of concern to executive management. It may also include serving as a "coach" or mentor to the development team.